Bolt from the Blue in The New Yorker, July 23, 2007

The Abyss: Music and Amnesia in The New Yorker, September 24, 2007

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Press & Blogs

Discover Magazine January 2008 Issue: Your Brain on Music, Magnets, and Meth

SEED Magazine October Issue, "The Listener" pp-68-73. A very good profile of Dr. Sacks written by Jonah Lehrer. Now available online.

Powell's Author Interviews: Tales of Oliver Sacks and the Brain

Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain: WIRED interview by Steve Silberman with an additional feature on Dr. Sacks' playlist.

New York Times: Take Five, and Call Me

Times Online [UK]: Musicophilia Review

Couric & Co.: 10 Questions for Oliver Sacks

McGill Daily: Bittersweet Symphonies

The Globe and Mail: How Your Brain Calls the Tunes

Dan Deluca, Philadelphia Inquirer: Music as Medicine for the Mind

SF Weekly: Struck by Lightning, Man Becomes Obsessed with Song

CBS Sunday Morning: Music's Mending Powers

New York Daily News: Music Can Heal the Brain

New York Daily News: Interview with Dr. Sacks

Time Out New York: Interview with Dr. Sacks

Toronto Star: Melodic Medication

Boing Boing: Oliver Sacks on music and amnesia: a David Pescovitz post regarding the Clive Wearing piece.

Boing Boing: Oliver Sacks explains how your brain does music: a Cory Doctorow post on Musicophilia.

Rich Media

The Science of the Senses a 4-part series from CBC's The Nature of Things

Musicophilia Audio Book Excerpt

Krulwich on Science: Who is Singing Me Lullabies?

All Things Considered: Audio. Book excerpt. and Fresh Air Oct. 17th audio linked at the bottom of same page

NYAS Science in the City: Two Musicophilia-related podcasts are available here (Oct 2007).

Music and the Mind Dr. Sacks in conversation with the New Yorker staff writer Larissa MacFarquhar

RadioLab: Clive. Clive Wearing, the man with the seven-second memory. Clive's amnesia, though one of the most devastating cases ever described, is transcended only by two things: his love for his wife, and his love for music.

RadioLab: Musical Language

Sacks' iPod Playlist from WIRED: An annotated list of some of Dr. Sacks' favourite music.

Two Hands - the Oscar-nominated, short film about pianist Leon Fleisher

Williams Syndrome on NPR's All Things Considered October 14, 2006.

Music Links

Professor Diana Deutsch: musical illusions

Piano Matchmaker: Erica vanderLinde Feidner

The Grunyons

Music Therapy

Music Has Power: a program of the Institute of Music and Neurologic Function at Beth Abraham Hospital

Music Works Wonders research

INFOGRAPHY about Music -- Neurologic Rehabilitation - sources of information selected by a professor who is a specialist about neurologic rehabilitation using music.